Baked Passion Fruit Cheesecake- Gluten & Wheat Free. VEGAN

A creamy dense baked VEGAN cheesecake is the dream of many who can't have dairy or eggs. Look no further as we have a cheesecake to fulfill your dietary requirements.

We offer rotating seasonal flavours (which will be confirmed upon ordering) and each one serves 8-10 people. The cheesecake is baked on a soft biscuit base and can be fragile, therefore we can only have it delivered to London postcodes or it can be collected from our production kitchen or Borough Market.


Vegan "cream cheese" (water, coconut oil, SOYA protein concentrate, salt, lactic acid (dairy free), sugar, carrageenan, natural flavourings) GF plain flour, brown rice flour, creamed coconut, aquafaba, sugar, fruit puree (various), sunflower spread, xanthan gum, spices, glaze (agar and pectin)

Allergens: SOYA and may contain traces of SULPHITES (from creamed coconut)

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