Banana & Chocolate Chip Loaf – Gluten & Wheat Free. VEGAN. No Cane Sugar.

  • Treat like a banana bread – can be toasted (choc chips melt a little!)
  • Contains fresh puréed banana
  • Chocolate chips are certified dairy free and also contain NO sugar (sweetened with Xylitol)
  • Contains a syrup made from apples, pears & carob (no sugar)
  • Our most popular selling loaf at Borough Market
  • Short-listed in the Free From Food Awards
  • Enjoyed by many as contains no allergens


Fresh Bananas (36%), No added sugar* Dark Chocolate (72% Cocoa Solids)(6%),Rice Milk, Natural Fruit Syrup (Apples, Grap & Carob), Sunflower Oil, Gluten & Wheat Free Flour Blend (Rice, Potato, Tapioca, Maize, Buckwheat), Xanthan Gum, Sea-salt, Bicarbonate of Soda, Gluten-free Baking Powder, Cinnamon, Unsweetened Organic Fairtrade Banana Chips, Vanilla Extract. *Contains Xylitol(25%).
Min. w 345g
Whole Cake (long log) serves: 12

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